In my world there is community, insight, love, real quality; the individual is the total, the totality in the individual. All are one and the One is all.”  ~   Nisargadatta

To realize what you are completely, clear a space in your being where your own intuitive wisdom can arise. Setting aside some time for silent meditation every day can be helpful. It encourages us to develop the ability to hear and recognize true inner guidance as it arises. When true guidance arises in the midst of silence, it can be sensed like any other sound or image, without a feeling of ownership by a separate “me.”

We are the totality of existence. There is only the One, besides which nothing else exists. It alone is. Everything you do, or any other apparently separate person does, is done by the One. We can accept our own life, our own feelings—whether positive or negative—our own goodness, beauty, wisdom, and power, by realizing it’s all what we are. In the midst of impermanence, it’s the one thing that never changes.

There is not a separate “you” making choices or doing anything. Both of the feelings “I did something wrong” and “I did something right” are illusory from the point of view of your true “I,” which is the same for all beings.

On the most fundamental level, we realize that whatever is, is okay. We may not have asked for it, we may not like it—but it’s still the One in expression. If we do like it, we don’t have to figure out how to have more of it in our life. In this very moment, no matter what else is happening, everything is okay. Even when the body dies, everything will still be okay, and the Awareness that we are will still be aware. This okay-ness is what we truly are.

The wholeness that has shaped our imagined life will continue to bring us exactly what is needed to show us that “what is” in this eternal moment is nothing other than what we really are.