“Learn to listen to the voice within yourself. Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things.”  ~  Zen Master Dogen

The intuition of the Oneness of all things often begins to come to us in moments when we least expect it. We may suddenly feel how a person or an animal feels. We may notice compassion arising for someone we have no reason to feel compassionate towards. Gradually, this deep but impersonal kind of love can inexplicably spread out to embrace the whole of life.

How do we begin to embrace life? The answer to this question comes from a place of limitless wisdom, peace, and love. Whether it comes as a result of your own intuition or through a gifted intuitive, the resulting inner knowing will guide you toward finding your best way to express your love in the world. You can feel the truth at the deepest level of your being, because at the deepest level, you are the truth.

As our intuition grows, an inner sense of being free of past and future begins to well up within us. Instead of moving through our days with a sense of need or lack, we begin to feel supported and guided from within. Though we may lose interest in things we always found fulfilling before, gifts and abilities that we never imagined may begin to manifest effortlessly. Life begins to happen by itself, spontaneously, without our striving or struggling to make things happen.

As we begin to realize that the universe is our own reflection, more and more we give everyone the freedom to change without trying to change them in any way. We come to see that everything is our own body, and that the people and the world are all expressions of one Spirit, unfolding around us and through us.

We begin to feel that this timeless moment that never ends is what we truly are for all eternity. It is the only thing that is eternal, which has always been here and which remains when everything else passes away. This ever-present source of wisdom is a wellspring of guidance that empowers us and enables us to live our lives in love.

“Jyoti is extremely gifted! She has the presence, intuition, and clarity to integrate spiritual wisdom and compassion along with specific direction for particular circumstances. On every occasion, she has been able to tune into the truth of a situation and offer guidance that resonates at the depth of being. She helps move the flow, spiritually and situationally. I highly recommend her!”

D.M., Publishing Manager

“I’ve had many readings by Jyoti, and the guidance she has given me has been on the mark, from relationship issues to career moves. She is very easy to talk with and there is nothing I would feel uncomfortable discussing with her. Her intuitive powers have increased over the years, allowing her better access to the wisdom of the universe. She cuts through our sometimes ego-based problems and helps us to get to the heart of the matter and attain peaceful solutions.”

L.B., Teacher

“Jyoti is very intuitive. I love her presence, peace, and sense of connectedness to all things around her. I was amazed how precise and accurate her readings were. Jyoti gave a comparison between 10 different residency programs for my fiancee. The very best one Jyoti pointed out somehow did end up being the one that accepted my fiancee using a complicated matching protocol. This has very special meaning to us, and I feel very positive about what is coming ahead.”

D.O., Acupuncturist

“Jyoti has a way of bringing a positive perspective on challenging situations which is very helpful and important for me. She encourages and values the universal perspective while tending to the nitty gritty questions of human living — without judgment and with simple and clear compassion and availability. Somehow there’s always a point in the reading when something ‘clicks in’ and some attachment to a self-defeating or fearful thought process shifts into a more open place. It releases me from an internal standstill or allows me to approach a situation in my life with more openness and clarity.”

P.A., Artist

“Whenever I’m at an important crossroad in my life, I call Jyoti for a reading. Her advice has always been helpful. The intuition that comes through her, helps me see what is the most important thing for me to focus on. Usually I wouldn’t have the courage to make the right choice without her encouragement. She sees how things will turn out for the best in the long run, and they always do.”

K.H., Photographer

“The advice that comes from Jyoti is not limited to any one system or religion, it’s more universal. Her readings helped me discover new possible pathways and overcome difficulties by setting my mind at ease about what the future holds.”

F.S., Sales Manager

“Having Jyoti’s intuitive readings is an asset! We used her intuitive readings to assist in the process of selling our home. We were successful. On a physical level, the readings provided the opportunity to be less anxious and to breathe more easily. And on a spiritual level, they were a wonderful opportunity to realize that the universe provides infinite possibilities and solutions, if we let it!”

L.D., Geologist

“I’ve consulted Jyoti many times over the past years for her guidance and insight concerning practical, personal and spiritual matters. Whether it was a decision to be made or the need for a ‘read’ on how things were moving in all aspects of my life: relationship, work, spiritual growth, Jyoti always offered her deep compassion, intuition, and wisdom with great clarity. This gave me confidence and lucidity about how to move forward on my life path.”

R.S., Psychologist

“I have brought many questions to Jyoti in the past eight years. Some have been of a practical nature, some have been general spiritual inquiry, and some have been major life challenges. Her readings have always brought me much clarity and peace. It feels very apparent to me that Jyoti’s wisdom comes from a place of love and Truth. I’m so appreciative of her gifts!”

S.K., Graphic Designer